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My name is Clinton Wood, I was adopted out in 1974 under the brutal regime of forced adoptions. I found my birth Mother early in 2015, the stories of what took place is something of a horror movie. My Mother of white skin and my Father of black, I am an Aboriginal man whos skin is white but heart is black. I have been travelling the world for 17 years, floating from place to place photographing and writing of my most inspiring and deeply moving experiences. I would like to share my story to give hope for the thousands of people like me who have struggled with this knowledge. I am trying to overcome the bitterness and anger I have felt, and still feel all these years later, through the beauty that our planet offers.If you are interested I would love to share some of my writings and photos that I hope will captivate and inspire the very people who have lost their way through no fault of their own. Right now I am riding a motorcycle across our beautiful planet and currently I am on the Island of Bali. I started more than five months ago from the Sunshine coast and plan to make it England and beyond. Thank you for taking the time to read this.Regards, Clinton Wood

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