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My name is Colm Boohig, from Ireland. To be fair, I am interested in lots that life has to offer but my most consistent love since I was a young’n has been sport and creative writing. If I wasn’t kicking a ball around I was trying my hardest to come across as interesting with a pen or a keyboard. This routine eventually landed me a gig as a sports reporter for the main newspaper in my home county of Cork, while I also got involved in the world of PR in Dublin, working as an assistant accounts executive. Having lived in Australia I was lucky enough to become involved with TAT and have steadily worked my way up in the last year. I don’t plan to stop progressing anytime soon. My main goal is to become creatively involved in the world of sport and entertainment on a daily basis, if only to justify the amount of time I have spent watching and reading up on the world of comedy and sport, and all that it has to offer! It is an ambition in which I am determined to achieve.

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