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I am currently a bookseller who co owns an independent general book shop in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. My husband is the other owner. We have owned Fairfieldbooks for 9 years, and previously had another shop in Sth Yarra making 15 years in total of being in the book retail business. Before that I was a librarian so my entire professional life has been with books. Books to me are like breathing, impossible to do without. I get a bit panicky if I dont have at least four books on my bedside table at any time. I am married and have two adult daughters, and we all work in the book industry, though our girls have long left the training ground of mum and dads shop. I think reading is an essential skill for life, and that every person has the right to read and that as a society it should be a fundamental principle of our education system. I also think that no one should ever apologise about what they are reading. If a child is reading the 337th book in a series that mum and dad think is rubbish, it doesnt matter. Reading is reading, and they WILL eventually move on.

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