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I live in Unanderra, a suburb of Wollongong City on the NSW south coast. I didnt start writing poetry until 2008. My husband and I, together with a couple of mates, were attending a Folk Festival in Gundagai. My friend, Margaret, who is also a keen poet, asked me to attend a Poetry Writing Workshop with her. At the time I wasn’t much interested but, with the wonderful Vic Jefferies at the helm, you could say I was well and truly bitten by the bug. Since then I have written in excess of 250 poems, published 4 books one of which is spiritual and all are selling extremely well.A couple of years ago I became interested in making costume jewellery, which received lots of wonderful comments. It wasn’t long before I was making items to order. With Margaret also into craft and poetry writing, ‘Poetry & Pretty Things’ was born. We spend our time entertaining groups around the district where we set up a display of our wares, entertain guests with several poems then invite them to browse our products.Our shows have always been very well received with repeat bookings being more than welcome.It’s our way of sharing God’s love, which we both find extremely fulfilling.

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