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Judy lives with her husband, Steve on what she terms is a slice of paradise on five acres in Burrum Heads. ‘Across the sea’ from Fraser Island their property is part of a little hamlet located six minutes drive from the beach where she and her dogs walk in solitary bliss. She and Steve often bump into kangaroos that graze on the lawn and when they’re not surrounded by lorikeets, king parrots, currawongs, gallahs, red and yellow tailed cockatoos at feeding time, they’re busy keeping their garden in shape.It’s here Judy found her inspiration to write about nature. Having always been a passionate writer who has had some of her poetry published, she is fuelled with determination and a deep need to communicate through the written word. Currently ghost writing for a client in Dubai, writing articles is an opportunity to branch out.As they say, when you do what you love and you love what you do, it comes nowhere near that pesky word called ‘Work’. There’s no such thing when you’re writing about animals.

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