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To whom it may concern,My name is Julian Gasparri and I wish to apply for an editorial/ writing position with one or more of The Australian Times’ publications. I was informed of your contributor opportunity through your website, as I’m an avid reader of multiple magazines of The Australian Times. As a recent graduate of La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Journalism degree, my career goals lie in the print and online journalism fields; particularly in travel, the arts and entertainment. During my time at La Trobe, I was not only a staff writer, but the editor of the university’s Upstart Magazine, and am no stranger to a working environment filled with story pitches, investigations, writing and editing.My skills which would benefit The Australian Times include my impeccable attention to spelling and grammar, to which I attribute the heavy focus my education at La Trobe had on news and magazine writing. I work very well in a team and have experience in managing large groups, not only as Upstart’s Editor, but through producing multimedia content as a volunteer for SYN Media, Channel 31 and Tone Deaf Magazine. Although I am good at leading a team and editing others’ writing, my inquisitive journalistic nature compels me to want to learn from others as well. This is why I’m extremely excited about the opportunity. I look forward to further discussing it via email or phone. These details are attached with my resume. In future, I could also show you a PDF (which couldn’t be sent via this domain) of a magazine which I created during my final year at La Trobe with Adobe InDesign.Yours sincerely,Julian Gasparri

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