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There is no doubt that I have been a writer my entire life, meaning I have always had something to say.
Although I am currently working on a number of books and have a blog that I am yet to upload, I have never been formally published. However, what I may lack in professional experience I believe I more than make up for with creative passion.
Subjects of interest for me are of emotion/mind/body connections and how we use each in everyday life to make career choices, choose partners, parent our children and grow to become more “ourselves”.
As well as being a parent for 15 years and a Wife for 12, I have certificates and experience in spiritual guidance & counselling, life coaching and nutrition all of which fuel my love and excitement for understanding people, their journeys and helping them create an empowered future for themselves. I like to help people help themselves.
I have a lot to GIVE the world and would LOVE the opportunity to contribute to your magazine with some fun, light-hearted yet real life articles that could have a positive impact on peoples lives.
Thanks for your time.
Have a great day! :-)

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