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Hi there!I’m half French half English, I grew up in Luxembourg and I currently reside in the South of France.I have recently graduated with a BA in International Business Management, and I’m aiming to pursue a Master’s degree in Journalism in Australia.My hobbies stretch far and wide, I love to try everything at least once! Sports wise I run, snowboard, surf and skydive (I got my skydive license last year!)I really enjoy cooking and experimenting with new recipes, especially Indian, Japanese and Thai cuisine! However my main passion, is my love for travel. The minute I have time and money (!) I’m off somewhere, usually alone, and it’s a blast everytime. I’m nurturing and maintaining this little travel bug I caught, and I take it as far as I can go. So this is why I primarily am focused on travel writing.My next upcoming adventure will be in Madagascar, I will be working there for 4 months in isolated communities on sustainable development and reforestation for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Don’t hesitate to contact me for anything :)Lauriane

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