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Nicola holds a bachelor of health science majoring in nutritional medicine and an advance diploma of naturopathy. Nicola has been travelling through India learning about Ayurveda and increased her knowledge of both local Thai and Vietnamese herbs and uses from previously living with the locals in villages. Nicola’s main areas of interest are autoimmunity and mental health, however Nicola’s main passion is to assist in rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addictions. In May 2015 Nicola volunteered at New Life Thai Foundation in Chiang Rai offering workshops including the effects of food and diet on brain chemistry and making fermented foods. Publications written by Nicola for New Life Thai Foundation can be located on their blog and Nicola’s LinkedIn page: is currently helping at an ashram in Rajasthan, India assisting with creating a western and Ayurvedic herb garden, making therapeutic teas, diet plans and meals for their retreats, assisting with Ayurvedic treatments and will be assisting in the event organising of their addiction retreat for local villagers in April 2016 along with facilitating a workshop focused on improving their diet with local foods to help support a balanced mind.

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