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Meet Perrie Massouras, freelance writer and student naturopath. Writing since she could hold a pen, Perrie has time after time pushed the limits of her readers through limericks, poetry, short stories, thought provoking essays and scientifically fuelled research articles. Using her explosive imagination: she aims to provoke thought, emotion and respect for the naturopathic industry as it moves into the twenty-first century. Perrie has always been motivated by health and medicine, whether it was sorting out her grandparents weekly pill boxes or attempting home grown penicillin cultivation from her wardrobe; the drive was always there. It wasn’t until a modelling scout introduced her to the world of holism, did her dreams start to manifest. After spending years dissatisfied and moving between meaningless jobs, she bit the bullet and enrolled in university. Once she started to understand the naturopathic healing paradigm, she started focussing on how she could convert this amazing knowledge into relevant, scientifically supported information for everyone not just scientists. A self-confessed nomad, crazy cat lady and one eyed Collingwood supporter with a thirst for knowledge, Perrie will not disappoint.

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