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Hi, My name is Preet, I have been working in a corporate setting ever since I left university. However, I have always wanted to write, that is all I have ever been passionate about. I find it a way of release.A little about me, I have been living in Adelaide since I was 8 years old. I went to university and started with a Bachelor of Commerce, I dont even like numbers. So I few years into failing every subject I changed degrees to Bachelor Arts (Communications and Media). After finishing that ended up at the Department of Treasury and Finance, surprise surprise, so much for hating numbers. Left that job after 5-6 years thanks to a manager who wasnt what I needed at the time. So took my self on an amazing trip through Asia with some friends on first class flights and amazing hotel rooms. Came back financially broke and with a broken heart, lost a partner to a heart attack. So life was pretty much in the dumps for a few months. Finally picked myself up and got a job at Adelaide Metro.stayed for four weeks! Then moved to mining for a year. Then decided Psychology was something I really wanted to do and I have always been told that Im an active listener and noticed that people loved talking to me about their problems, so thought HEY, why not get paid to do this. So that is what led me back to university, now I do my subjects online while I work to pay the bills. I speak fluent Punjabi and Hindi and almost through a Psychology degree that has been hanging around like a bad smell for a few years. To pay my rent and bills I take up temping assignments and interpret, mostly at Women and Childrens hospital, Migration Review Tribunal and the Magistrates court. Recently I started writing seriously and have published two pieces for an online magazine called Thought Catalog, which was literally the most amazing boost of confidence. To know that someone actually read my writing and thought it was good enough to publish somewhere was just the most amazing feeling. I am a very independent kind of person who doesnt rely on others for my happiness and I like to think that I have made it through some pretty dark times to come out stronger on the other side. And that is me in a nutshell! Hope you enjoyed reading my little blurb and hope to sit down and talk about some writing opportunities with your company. I am willing to be coached and looking forward to some constructive criticism that I can use to become a better writer. Thank you for your time and patience Cheers,Preet

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