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I have a strong interest in art, theatre and film and have a strong background in these artistic fields. Having studied art throughout primary and high school for 12 years, and completing my HSC in Visual Arts, I have a strong appreciation of and passion for artistic works and movements from across history, such as Caravaggio and the Baroque movement, John Everett Millais and the Pre-Raphaelites, and Christian Boltanski and Conceptual Art. I understand the immense skill required for many works and appreciate the effort, time and thought that is often required to create works that, no matter how abstract, present deep meaning and artistic skill to the viewer, such as with Ai Wei Weis Sunflower Seeds. I am a theatre and film enthusiast I am extremely involved in theatre performance, having even written my own play which was then performed during The Young Creatives Festival of Shorts (in which I was also cast to perform in two plays) in 2012, as well as also having studied Drama in through high school and, as a result, doing regular theatrical performances as part of the curriculum. Growing up, from the time I was six, I have watched television shows and films with my mother (graduating from childrens shows to more adult dramas at the age of eight). From these fourteen combined years of acting, writing and viewing experience in both theatre and film, I believe I am a perfect candidate for the volunteer art, theatre and film critic positions. I understand the nuances and techniques required to present characters in theatre and film to the audience, with my experience also allowing me to accurately analyse plotlines and the chemistry between the cast as they perform. I also have a strong and extensive history in writing which also enables me to compose wonderful reviews of art, theatre and film for The Australia Times. I recently completed my time as Spoonfeedmes Brand Ambassador and Digital Marketing Intern, which required me to write weekly, and often quite popular, articles commenting on university life and education. I have also had several short stories published. As a result of this extensive writing history, I believe I will be perfect as a reviewer for The Australia Times.I am also extremely passionate about creating works of fiction. As a long-time writer myself, writing is a passion I hold that is deep and unwavering in its strength. I have many years of experience creating fictional pieces, entering and ranking highly in competitions throughout my life as well as writing for my own personal pleasure. Not only have my short stories been well received throughout my life but also, as a result of my achievements in writing competitions, I have had my stories published several times. In 2012, I was among the top 20 entrants from an entry pool of over 150 and had my short story selected to be published in Forming Circles Written Portraits anthology of top entrants. This year, my entry into the Hunter Writers Centres Grieve writing competition was ranked among the top, leading to the Centres decision to publish my short story in its anthology.My fiction-writing skills are not limited to the creation of short stories but I also have experience writing fictional plays. In 2012, I wrote a short 8-minute play titled The Beauty of the Rain which centred on a young girl dying of cancer for The Young Creatives Festival of Shorts. The play so impressed the judge that it was selected among the top six to be performed in the short play festival that premiered at Riverside Theatres in Parramatta and was attended by the Parramatta mayor, amongst other notable audience members.I am able to write fiction in many forms and I am sincerely confident that my experiences, skills and strong enthusiasm for fiction, art, theatre and film have prepared me well to be a strong contributor for The Australia Times.

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