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Renae is on a mission to free the world from the guilt, regret and judgement we have around what we eat. Renae is dedicated to empowering women to break free from the shackles of the mainstream and social medias desire for every woman to attain the perfect body with the latest weight loss fads and new diet gimmicks, and instead inspire them to create the magical life we all deserve.Renae knows first-hand, after over 20 years of struggling with her own emotional eating, just how much of a hold it has over a womans entire life and well-being and she has one simple message she is calling out for the world to hearIf you want to gain complete control of your eating habits STOP FOCUSING ON THE FOOD!Renae has been privileged to share her message on stage with some of the worlds leading mindset coaches to help her clients stop focusing on what they eat and instead start to focus on why they eat. Renae loves working with women from all walks of life who are serious about taking control of their eating habits for good, who are ready to get out of their own way now and forever and stop listening to the stories that are holding them back; women who desperately want to take complete control of their own lives once and for all.

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