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Hello, I would like to contribute to your The Australian times. I have submitted my articles before as well, to websites . Link to one of them is- website has a wide reader base. apart from that I have my own blog which Ive been writing on and off for a long time! link to my blog is – from this I’m working on a new blog too , relating to the recent happenings in my life . The link is –, this is not my best work , I always feel like work in progress! But given the guidance of your team, may be I’ll get a chance to improve and become a better writer.My background is totally different, I’m pursuing CA , but my interest is more inclined towards writing. Also, my education will not cause any effect on my commitment to deadlines. Ive recently moved to Melbourne , with my husband, because of which I might be able to write all sorts of stuff, The city can be challenging for a new comer, that too from India. Thanks .

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