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Who are you? I love to read, write poetry and Im thinking about starting up painting to show more creativity. Why do you contribute to Tangent and what does it mean to you? For work experience and to realise deadlines as other magazines do. To motivate myself in writing and to socialise with others involved in the magazine. It is a place to come to, and share my poetry and to meet other people so that I am not so isolated from society. 3 Words that describe you? Lazy (laughs), loving & respectful. What is your disability? Schizophrenia- induced by depression psychosis in 1997 when I lost my job. How has it affected your life? Being in a hospital for lengthy periods when I had already accepted my illness. I am open about my disability so I can give understanding to others so that people can accept others who are different. What is your goal? To be less lazy and to motivate myself into doing things like exercise, reading and writing.

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