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Hello Australian Times team !I am writing you regarding the ad that you posted on the Pedestrian website saying that you were looking for casual contributors. My name is Yasmine and I am a freelance photographer from Paris now based in Perth. So far, my photography is mostly based on travel or architecture but I would like to specialize in events and especially cultural ones. I really love to work in the arts scene, I already volunteer at the Perth Center of Photography and worked as a photographer in few cultural events in Perth.I was wondering if you were interested in me joining your team and helping you out with maybe pictures of cultural events and concerts. That would allow me in exchange to expand my portfolio in a more professional way.Please find in my signature below and in my resum a link to my personal portfolio.Let me know if you are interested.Have a beautiful day,Yasmine El Kotniwww.yasmineelkotni.com

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