February is the Perfect Month to Try Edenvale Non-intoxicating Wines

Doing something good for your body – like giving up alcohol or sugar – is never an easy feat, especially when it’s for an entire month. But when it’s for a good cause with your friends, family – and basically, the nation by your side, it hopefully won’t seem like such a daunting task. This, of course, refers to Febfast, the great Australian pause from alcohol, sugar or something of your choice for the month of February in support of disadvantaged young people aged 12-25 across the country.

Whether you’re cutting out alcohol or sugar (or both!), a great way to achieve your goal is by swapping instead of stopping – and there’s now no better time to explore the offerings within the non-alcoholic drink sector than now! In light of this, those taking part in Febfast are on the look for a delicious alternative to the usual glass of champagne – especially during times of celebrations (such as Valentine’s Day) and hot summer nights.


Satisfying this need in more ways than one is Edenvale wines. Hitting 2 birds with one stone, Edenvale wines are both non-intoxicating and have nearly half the calories of normal wine. To be more specific, the removal of 13% alcohol by volume translates to over a 60% calorie reduction. All with the delicious taste and bubbly sensation a glass of alcoholic sparkling can provide.

**Information and Images Courtesy of Edenvale wines/Evil Twin PR


Connie Lambeth

The Australia Times News

Editor GOURMET – Food/Wine/Events



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