Southern BBQ Chef Pop-up at Fancy Hanks Last Month

Words & Images by Kelly Sargent

‘Finger lickin’ goodness’ with Lillie’s Q BBQ Chef, Charlie McKenna, in Melbourne for the first time!

Prime Brisket, Pulled Pork, Baby Back Ribs, Collard Greens, Southern Style Coleslaw
Prime Brisket, Pulled Pork, Baby Back Ribs, Collard Greens, Southern Style Coleslaw

There’s nothing quite like the taste of melt-in-your-mouth meat,  and that’s what renowned BBQ Chef Charlie Mckenna bought to Melbourne recently, at an authentic Southern American Barbecue pop-up at CBD restaurant Fancy Hanks. 

Owner of famous BBQ restaurant Lillie Q’s in Chicago, Mckenna is a two-time World Pulled Pork Champion, and credits his passion for Southern Cuisine to spending a lot of his childhood learning to cook with his Grandmother Lillie. Bought up in Southern Carolina, the ‘Q’ of Lillie Q’s is a credit to his Father Quito.  

Globally renowned BBQ Chef Charlie McKenna Photo supplied
Globally renowned
BBQ Chef Charlie McKenna
Photo supplied

Mckenna opened the first Lillie Q’s restaurant 8 years ago and has since opened four more across America. 

As a BBQ nation ourselves, I’ll admit the snags on the barbie do not even scratch the flavoursome, smokey taste of the deep south of America.

Fancy Hanks hosted Mckenna for a couple nights, where the Chicago chef served up the best in barbecue fare, complete with his entire range of popular Lillie Q’s Sauces. Chicken, pork and beef were severed alongside crunchy tasty slaw (a simple yet delicious carrot and cabbage mix with Lillie Q’s ‘ranch’ dressing), grilled greens and blue cheese chicken – all the flavours and textures worked. They just worked. 

Lillie's Q Sauces
Lillie’s Q Sauces



The night offered a flavour explosion of the deep south of America. Although we are a proud BBQ nation ourselves, let’s keep Mckenna away from Bunnings on a Saturday! Proud as we are of our ‘hardware store sizzle’, stand down Aussies – the real BBQ deal hit when McKenna arrived in town enroute to the Meatstock competition.


Lillie’s Q award-winning BBQ rubs and sauces are sold in over 100 stores across the country and 6,000 around the world – think slow smoked pork shoulder, baby back ribs and chicken wings like no other.

With 100% natural and gluten free ingredients, Lillie’s Q sauces and rubs make for an unforgettable addition to any BBQ – meats, tofu, veggies, whatever your preference the tantalizing taste will have you reaching for more!

**Melbourne based journalist, Kelly Sargent, was a guest of Charlie McKenna – Lillie’s Q/Evil Twin PR

**Additional Information and Images Courtesy of Charlie McKenna – Lillie’s Q/Evil Twin PR

Pimiento Cheese Biscuits
Pimiento Cheese Biscuits

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