Confluence Festival of India in Australia is proud to showcase Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night like it’s never been seen before.

Piya Behrupiya, a unique Hindi rendition of the much-­loved play, will be performed free for Melbourne audiences at 6.30pm on the 20th September 2016 at Federation Square’s Deakin Edge.

Performed by The Company Theatre (tct) and led by internationally renowned theatre director, Atul Kumar, Piya Behrupiya, will delight its Melbourne audience with a cast of unforgettable characters as they explore the experience of unrequited love through a combination of high comedy and cruelty, as well as poetry and song.

Commissioned by The Globe theatre UK, Piya Behrupiya was first performed during the World Shakespeare Theatre Festival and has been a great success throughout India and Singapore.

“The Globe theatre UK contacted me to direct a play by Shakespeare in Hindi and they gave me a few different options of his scripts,” said director Atul Kumar. “I chose Twelfth Night instantly as it lent itself beautifully to song and dance, a form that I had never explored before and a form that enticed me for some time now.”

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