Understanding Women: 9 pieces to our puzzling minds

I am a woman and sometimes, I don’t even understand my own behaviour. I can’t even begin to imagine how men feel! When we’re mad, we refuse to tell you why. When we’re upset, we don’t let you see us cry. When we’re asking if our butt looks big, we expect you not to lie.

Just in case you’ve been trying to find ways to de-code our little puzzled minds, I’m here to help you understand what we actually mean by the actions we make, and the words we speak! Get ready to take some notes; this is an intuitive insight into the female mind!

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I don’t know

It had been almost six months and I was thinking to myself where is this all going? I really liked the guy, it seemed he really liked me, but for some reason things weren’t moving forward. I lacked clarity about the type of relationship I was in. We kissed with such passion and made love with intensity, but he was still an enigma to me. 

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