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Guest Review

by Revelly Robinson

scientifc principles governing physics, chemistry
and alchemy all in an easily digestible manner.

Having not opened a book of a remotely scientifc
nature since high school, I was slightly anxious that
I would not be able to make it through the mara-
thon effort of reading something that could be mis-
taken for a textbook rather than a leisurely read.
However, once I had immersed myself in Brysons
wondrously accessible method of writing the com-
plexities of the subject matter were dispelled.
Bryson is able to personalise the momentous dis-
coveries that have defned scientifc history by delv-
ing into the backgrounds of the men and women
who battled to bring knowledge to the world. It
is these descriptions of the lives and turmoils of
people that toiled to advance our understanding
of the universe that make A Short History of Nearly
A Short History of Everything such a compelling read.

Nearly Everything The book reads more like a biography of the mul-

titude of scientists and explorers that have con-
By Bill Bryson tributed to science than a regurgitation of scien-

Rating: tifc facts themselves. By navigating through the
successive discoveries of each of the adventurers
After what seemed like a millennium I fnally fn- who dared to challenge the realms of knowledge
ished Bill Brysons epic testimonial to the creation at that point in time and prove through tireless
of the universe. For a story that spans 13 billion experimentation or sheer luck that alternative
years, condensing such an account into 600 pages possibilities existed Bryson makes the reader re-
is no trivial feat. The discipline Bryson must have late to each journey of discovery described in
applied in conducting a seemingly insurmount- the book. By developing this sense of empathy,
able amount of research for the book would have Bryson creates a truly enjoyable read by conjur-
been painstaking. However, with his trademark ing up a sense of story rather than giving off an
levelheadedness, Bryson navigates the complex encyclopaedic feel.

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