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HEATHER DYER has been a bookseller for 14 WHAT’S INSIDE?
years and owns her own bookshop in the inner
north of Melbourne called FAIRFIELD BOOKS. WELCOME NOTE 5

Previous to being a bookseller, Heather was a li- FICTION
brarian for many years and cannot imagine life THE INVENTION OF WINGS 8
without books, she doesn’t remember a time when THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS 9
she wasn’t reading even though the books avail- CRIME FICTION

able to her were quite limited. Heather feels read- THE SAINTS OF THE SHADOW BIBLE 11
ing has entertained, educated, transported and BIOGRAPHY
comforted at different times of her life and her fa- NELSON MANDELA 12
vourite books are varied because of the different AUSTRALIANA
roles they have played. Heather’s all time favourite AUSTRALIA: SMALL BOOK, BIG ISLAND 13
book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, but GRAPHIC NOVELS
as a child has fond memories of Enid Blyton and EVIL STAR: GRAPHIC NOVEL 14
the Anne of Green Gables books. All of those TEEN FICTION

books are still contant seller in her shop which THESE BROKEN STARS 17
Heather believes goes to show that good story BOOKS FOR YOUNGER CHILDREN
telling stands the test of time. Heather took up the LULU AND THE CUBBY FORT 18
role of BOOK Editor, The Australia Times give her THE BEAR’S SONG 18

another opportunity to talk about books, which MEET THE AUTHOR 21
she believes she could do underwater.

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