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The Australia Times Fashion Magazine

Here you will fnd a place where ordinary people are citing content on this new platform and am eager to
given a voice and an opportunity to tell their story. bring you some originality and fair. I aim to introduce
We aim to foster a national community where YOU you to new ideas but also give you all an opportunity
can participate in a social dialogue, discussions and to show me a thing or two.
forums at I will be including stories from individuals of all ages,
The Australia Times is an online grassroots national from young children to the elderly so you will be able
publication bringing you a combination of profes- learn and see that a glammed up world isn t just for
sional and citizen journalism on a range of popular the famous.
topics and interests. So what are you waiting for? Let s go on a journey!
It is a great privilege to be able to produce some ex- - CHRISTINE ASSIRVADEN


What an exciting start to the season! We ve been Were introducing new contributors this month in-
graced with some beautiful much needed sunny cluding Miss Amy Johnston the creator of Sisters
days but most of all it s been a few hectic weeks of Revolution and Miss Kristie Giblin who has a way with
runways and fashion launches. words and is also The Australia Times Gourmet Maga-
We ve managed to get on the inside of popular events zine contributor.
including the infamous Melbourne Spring Fashion Together, we bring you the September Issue of The
Week, bringing you the hottest up to date season Australia Times Fashion Magazine.
trends and looks you need to get your hands on. Happy Styling.

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