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Winter’s Bone

By Laila Taase

Curious Distribution
presents a flm by

Debra Granik

Written by Debra Granik,
Anne Rosellini and Daniel

Starring: Jennifer Lawrence

Rated: MA15+

Running Time: 100 mins

Released: November 11th,
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Before Jennifer Lawrence was Katniss Everdeen, is also a tale that explores survival and strength of
before she won an Oscar for The Silver Linings character in a harsh environment.
Playbook (2012), and before she was a shape-
shifting mutant, she played Ree Dolly in Debra She continues to embark on this dangerous trail,
Granik’s independent drama Winter’s Bone (2010). despite the obstacles that befall her. She is determined
to fnd her father, not because she is concerned for
Ree is an unfinching seventeen-year-old Ozark him, but because she wants to save her family from
mountain girl who looks after her ill mother, having to be split up if they were to be evicted, or
and her two younger siblings. They are poor, worse, homeless.
but nonetheless Ree does her best to keep the
family together by putting food on the table and This was considered Lawrence’s breakthrough role and
teaching her brother and sister survival skills, such by far one of her best performances. She downplayed
as hunting and cooking. Lawrence actually learnt her looks and showed her gritty side. She even spent
how to skin a squirrel for this role. time with the locals of that Missouri region where it
was flmed because Granik wanted everything to be as
To add to her problems, Ree and her family are authentic as possible. She wanted Lawrence to know
about to face eviction if her father does not show what it was like to be a teenage girl growing up there.
up for his court date, because he put their house up This flm is raw and uncompromising. Adapted from
as part of his bond. As she begins to search for her Daniel Woodrell’s 2006 novel of the same name, Granik
missing father, the flm shows the underground has bestowed upon her audience an original and likely
world of methamphetamines, violence and the tale from a curious place.
codes and loyalties the Ozark people live by. It

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