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Editor Notes

One of the benefts of working for a
publication like The Australia Times is seeing
the diversity of content from a dedicated
group of writers. The people who contributed
to this issue write because they are passionate
about the medium and willing to generating
ideas about a wide range of flms. In this
issue there are reviews of a recent political
thriller and an upcoming vampire movie. For
those with a twisted sense of humour, there
are throwbacks this month to the 1980s as
we revisit two ofbeat comedies by director
Savage Steve Holland. The Oliver Stone flm
JFK also resurfaces for an extensive analysis
about why it deserves a classic status. Danish
cinema is also pivotal in this issue. There
isn›t a more divisive flmmaker in the world
at the moment than Lars von Trier. His new
flm Nymphomaniac raises many questions indicative of The Australia Times itself: uniting people›s
that are examined here. In the closing pages, self-expression and difering opinions into one issue and
two black American comedy-dramas are recognising their love for a particular medium.
compared for the unique way they represent
characters. The range of articles here is - Damien Straker.

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