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Editor Notes

The culture and global diversity that cinema can ofer
us is one of the medium›s greatest and sometimes
underappreciated gifts. The range of countries
that engage with cinema can provide unique
perspectives of the world and allows us to see how
difering global viewpoints are shaping the art form.
In this issue of The Australia Times we have written
about flms from across the globe to project how all
types of cinema, from diferent countries, can reach
people. The flm reviews this month focus on two
American flms involving the science fction genre
and a frat comedy. Yet there is also another unique most celebrated flmmaker Ingmar Bergman. Closer
and twisted sci-f flm that is a British, Romanian and to home, we have included the frst of a two-part
French production. Another addition to American article about the St Kilda Film Festival, which discusses
cinema in this issue is the evolution of the action some of the fne emerging talent being unearthed
genre, including a summary of the way the genre here in Australia. The second group of flms from this
has evolved and how a female director has imposed festival will be discussed in next month›s issue. Lastly,
her stamp on its conventions throughout her career. this edition marks the start of multipart tribute to the
An American classic has also been selected to look at Italian animator Bruno Bozzetto. His inclusion alone
violence from a sociopolitical perspective. To engage epitomises the broad spectrum of flmic content
with an entirely diferent brand of cinema, there is a celebrated here at The Australia Times.
piece on a pivotal Swedish flm from the country›s - Damien Straker.

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