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I cannot tell you how many games I still
have on my ‘to play’ list. Or how many games
are sitting in my old bedroom at my parents’ GAMES
house, collecting dust because I have no time
to play them. Or how many games I start and
never finish. If I compiled them all into a list,
it’d probably circle the earth five and a half WHAT’S INSIDE?
Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration but, if A Welcome From The Editor 5
you’re anything like me, you probably have a
s%#^load of games you still want to play. The Byte-Sized News 6
Vic Thompson

game industry, like the film industry, goes at a New Releases 8
rate of 10,000 miles per hour and we’re just Vic Thompson
lucky if we can keep up-to-date, let alone ac- A Farewell to Irrational Games 10
tually go back and re-visit older titles. Daniel King
This month, we add a few more games Games to TV Shows 20
to your ‘to play’ list (and to my gargantuan Nathan Griffiths
one). From titles released in the previous con- What We Know: Halo 24
sole generation to indie games that may have Aiden Harker
bumped off your radar, we give you some Interview: EbuGamer 31
games that may not have generated as much Jacqueline Cooper
hype as Titanfall but are still equally worth Interview: Player One 36
your time. Erin Bradshaw
And speaking of AAA games like Titanfall, Death of the Triple A 40
Nathan Chai
in a world where start-ups reign supreme, are 5 Games You Might Have Missed 46
we moving beyond the video game blockbust- Daniel King
ers and towards a world of indie? Nathan Chai Sleeping Dogs Never Lie 52
explores what he coins the ‘death of Triple A’. Kris Godwin
Are AAA games reaching their used-by date, Review: Diablo 3 58
or will they always have an audience? Let me Kyall Robinson
know what you think by emailing me here. Adulterous Relationships in Diablo 62
P.S. Did you know we are on Twitter and Ryan Dickinson
Facebook? Talk to us there (pl0x? We get Review: Smite 68
bored in between gaming…) Marcus Rockstrom
Review: Forza DLC 76
- Kelly Matt C-S

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