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VIC THOMPSON looks at the last fortnight in gaming.

The second half of April was a quiet time for game releases, but news from all the big

publishers has been steadily streaming in. May is set to be another quiet month to start
off, but things will be turning up a notch by the end of the month with big titles like
Wolfenstein: The New Order and Watch_Dogs soaking up the limelight.

BIOWARE have been releasing more
information and a new trailer on their
They’ve promised gamers to take the game
back to its origins (no pun intended), giving
players more control over their character with
more customization options available that
weren’t present in DRAGON AGE 2 – player race
is perhaps the most prevalent and sought
after from most fans of the series.
They’ve also promised to expand on the
already incredible and well penned story of the sequel to DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS and have vowed to
give players an epic adventure spanning multiple lands and offering vistas of incredible cityscapes – a
feature that didn’t quite make the cut in the second game.

UBISOFT have finally released more
details on WATCH_DOGS along with an
8 minute multiplayer walkthrough,
showcasing the games seamless
multiplayer features and competitive
game modes among other things.
Previously only co-op gameplay
was shown in great detail, so the
latest trailers and revelations
have definitely heated things up
for people closely
eyeing the game as
it nears its release
at the end of

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