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Blueberries by David Moad Rivers of Yarrambat Garden Centre

The arrival of spring brings a new range of things from cancer, cardiovascular disease as well as
to do in the garden. other age related diseases.

So healthy … Blueberries are one of nature’s super Blueberries are well suited to home gardens,
foods. They look fantastic, are exploding with however for best results container growing is often
flavour, highly nutritious and well worth trying in the best way to maximise yields. With growing
your garden. Affectionately known as “power balls” conditions similar to azaleas and rhododendrons,
in our house, they are a favourite with the kids, blueberries require an acidic soil. Their fine fibrous
who enjoy picking them fresh from the bushes in root system requires a moist organic rich soil to
our orchard. grow. Adding pine bark or peatmoss to the soil at
planting stage will help to maintain acidity. You
Blueberry varieties available in Australia have can also use the pine bark as a mulch to keep the
mainly originated in North America. Growing soil moist. Choose a sunny position if you are
naturally in Canada and the United States, the located in a cool climate or a position that will
indigenous Indian communities have collected provide shade from the hot afternoon sun in hot
blueberries for hundreds of years. dry climates.

Blueberries are a true super food. Packed with Blueberries are not heavy feeders. Apply a small
vitamin c, fibre and minerals such as manganese, amount of organic liquid food monthly. A mature
blueberries are a concentred ball of nutrients. bush can have an average yield of 5-7kg of fruit.
Providing high levels of antioxidants, they work to Berries ripen unevenly in clusters so harvesting
neutralise free radicals, helping protect the body weekly for 5-6 weeks will be needed. Select the
largest “bluest” berries to harvest. Birds also enjoy
Blueberries are a true super food. blueberries so you may need to net your plants to
protect the fruit.
Packed with Vitamin c, fibre and minerals
To increase the yield of blueberries, a yearly prune
such as manganese, blueberries are a will encourage a vase shaped bush. Tip prune your

concentred ball of nutrients. bush in spring by up to one third, as well as
removing any dead or crossed branches. This will

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