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Welcome Note

Editor: Winter warmer pies

Amy Foyster Forbidden fruit for sustainable futures

Contributors: A spoonful of sugar

Liz Anderson Review: the BBL is where it’s at

Organic food, what’s that?!
Elizabeth Charters
Spiced chicken and avocadish
Amy Foyster

Till Heggie We aim to inform, entertain, teach, encourage, educate and support
the community at large by facilitating communication between all
Lauren Mitchell
Australians. By providing the opportunity for all opinions to be
Dan Park shared on a single website.

We offer both veteran and undiscovered

writers the opportunity to get published.

Have something to communicate or an

opinion to state, we are your voice!

Want to join a like minded community in a

great project?

Click here to join us

Front cover photograph: Fredric’s Kitchen
Back cover photograph: Shepparton Motor Museum


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