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Welcome note:

Welcome to The Australia Times GOURMeT Magazine.

the Gourmet magazine is about celebrating fnd recipes, restaurant reviews, food ideas and
food in all its glory. from where produce comes suggestions and information about new ingredients
from, to swish restaurants, delicious recipes and and food programs that you may never have heard
general food musings, we plan to cover it all. of before! it is all very exciting.

We aim to create a discussion about the role food We welcome all sorts of feedback and suggestions
plays in our lives. Whether it be sharing a meal and if youd like to get involved and share your
with friends, to sitting down watching a cooking foodie knowledge with australia, please get in
show with your family or dining out on a special touch with us.
occasion- food is a big part of our culture.
thanks and happy eating!
We want this online space to be somewhere
where everyone can share their thoughts, tips and amy foyster
tricks and ideas about food and cooking. you will

editor s note:

Hello again foodies!

it is so nice to welcome you back for a second hearty slow cooked stews, to healthy raw food
course after last months tantalising entrée! this snacks.
edition of the australia times Gourmet magazine
is cooked to a perfect medium rare and has rested Not only have we looked at how we can enjoy the
to perfection ready for you to devour. taste of food, but we also have some expert advice
from blossoming dieticians as to how we can get
this month we look at a few more brilliant up and the most out of the food we are eating.
coming australian eateries that will have your
mouths watering. so please, sit down, grab a plate and enjoy
everything we have prepared for you!
and in this cold winter weather if you dont feel
like heading out to dine, we have some fantastic amy foyster
recipes for you to try out at home. everything from

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