What’s happening in…SYDNEY

By Shannyn Warren

The new autumn chill in the air has given Sydney-siders the perfect opportunity to take refuge in the theatres of Sydney – not that they need an excuse. This month, some interesting talent has presented itself on the stage. The impressive performance entitled ‘Frame of Mind’ (Sydney Dance company) is an incredibly choreographed and deeply personal arrangement of dances to celebrate the human body in all its states of movement.

Moving down to wharf two, Sydney Theatre Company has shown us a captivating insight into the humour and fearlessness of the Irish in their production of ‘Riverrun’. For a more deeply dramatic flavour, the tragedy ‘Electra/Orestes at Belvoir’ boasts a clever cast in a play about love, revenge, and death. While at New Theatre, When the rain stops falling presents an unmissable performance about a boy retracing family history in Australia, and the quest to heal the past through the journey into the future. And perhaps most importantly, ‘Les Miserables’ has premiered at The Capitol Theatre to great success. It shows until May and is a rich and popular piece that has been loved by all onstage and on screen, and now it is before us, live in Sydney. Wherever the theatre, there is a play to warm us on any chilly evening.

Photo source: Wikipedia