team-blueThe Australia Times team is a blend of professional and citizen journalists creating online content for specialist groups and the community at large. We have over 300 volunteer writers across Australia, ranging in age from 7 to 83 years old.

We are the voice of the people and aim to become their most trusted source of information. We invite anyone to contribute; however submission does not guarantee publication.

All enquiries can be found by contacting our senior editorial team or using the contact form.

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Chief of Staff:

Kelly Sargent has a degree of Journalism from Monash University a with a major in International Studies. Kelly is a keen traveller and worked as a travel writer for Discover Australia before exploring South America for 8 months. With a keen interest in media, Kelly worked for a couple of years with Australian Associated Press (AAP) and now puts all efforts into new digital media with The Australia Times.



Margaret Gregory graduated from Melbourne University with a Master of Science degree in Marine Chemistry. Later, after starting a family, Margaret studied for and achieved a Diploma of Library and Information Services and a Certificate in Professional Writing and Editing.

Margaret is a freelance editor and has been a keen writer for over thirty years. With a passion for learning about and sharing new ideas; Margaret has self-published three novels, with more to come, and is mentoring others who plan to self-publish. In her spare time, Margaret is a member of the committee for a local basketball club and helps run a local writer’s group.


Media and Communications Director:

Kristie Giblin

Originally from Launceston in Tasmania, Kristie moved to Melbourne to study a Bachelor of Media and Communications, followed by her Masters, both at Swinburne University. Kristie’s passion for magazines started from an early age, combined with an interest in all things food-related, led her to become deputy editor of The Gourmet Mag. Kristie loves to travel and is also TAT’s Social Media Manager; she thrives in a busy environment.


Photography Director

Kristie Donnelly

dddI’d always been empowered by a love for photography, which I’d put to use whilst studying for two years. I’d found photography to be an aspect of the creative mind, not one that can be defined by knowledge but vision further than a lens.  Travelling through Europe opened my appreciation for sight that I now share with my fellow photographers at TAT allowing each photographer the chance to share their passion and understanding of this beautiful world.


Editorial Team:


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