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THE AUSTRALIA TIMES is a free, magazine based, non-aligned, grassroots, national online publication. We are a blend of professional and citizen journalism creating online content for specialist groups and the community at large.

We aim to become the voice of the people and their most trusted source of information. We wish to inspire minds through creating independent media.

We aim to inform, entertain, teach, encourage, educate and support the community at large by facilitating communication between all Australians.

It is hard to be all things to all people. We are attempting to do this by bringing together groups of interested, passionate, individuals to help us create a series of magazines relating to different subjects. We hope to attract interested, passionate online communities around each magazine, as well as occasionally interested readers.

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We offer separate forums for subscribers with specific interests under our magazine banners: News; Sport; Family; Fashion; and many others. As a subscriber, you can participate in all of these, meet like minded people and state your views. You can also get discounts from participating enterprises.

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