My Top 10 Highly-Anticipated YA Novels in a Series For 2016

What will happen next? It’s a simple question that can drive readers certifiably insane. When a bombshell has just been dropped, a relationship is left unresolved, and evil has the upper hand, the dynamic of a story is stolen right from under your feet while you’re forced to wait another year for the outcome.

Fortunately this is going to be an amazing year for YA. So what are the 10 most highly-anticipated YA novels in a series for 2016?  Here are my top picks.


10. Sarah J. Maas – A Court of Mist and Fury

Seventeen year-old Feyre was forced to live with the enigmatic Tamlin. During her time in his lands, she fell for him and later fought for him, battling against Faerie Queen Amarantha.

Now Feyre and Tamlin are free to be together but the trouble isn’t over. Feyre is struggling with her new faerie powers. She is also bound to the bargain she made with Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court. When evil threatens to take power, Feyre will have to rely on her determination to ensure her world isn’t broken in two.

The bestselling ‘Throne of Glass’ author has captivated readers by her colourful interpretation on Beauty and The Beast where Cruel Beauty meets The Iron Fey. The sequel to A Court of Thorns and Roses will be out May 3rd.


9. Night Study by Maria. V. Snyder

Eight years ago in the Study series, Yelena Zeltana fell for her captor and discovered her destiny as a powerful magician known as the Soulfinder.

Now Yelena and Valek have returned in the addictive new trilogy Soulfinders. The heartmates are finally ready to settle down when a new adversary comes to destroy all they have worked for, while the Commander, the man Valek has devoted most of his life to serve, can no longer be trusted.

The fast-paced action, artistic worldbuilding and quirky characters have turned the Study/Soulfinder into one of the most popular series in YA of all time.

Night Study is out now in bookstores, and for all the Maria V. Snyder fanatics out there, the creator of Yelena’s world will be coming Down Under for Supanova in April!


8. Let The Wind Rise by Shannon Messenger

Vane Weston has discovered he is a sylph, the future king of the Gale Force and the last of a line that can control the Westerley winds.  After reuniting with Audra, the literal girl of his dreams, he is forced to fight against the wicked Raiden, who is after Vane’s abilities.

Let The Storm Break left fans to a heart-wrenching cliffhanger. After an almost two-year wait, the Skyfall trilogy will finally be resolved.

Will Audra escape from Raiden’s clutches?

Can Vane win against the slowly corrupting Gale Force?

Will he defeat Raiden’s army once and for all?

And Will Vane and Audra get their happy ending?

Answers can be found April 26th.


7. The Paladians by Julie Reece

In the The Artisans, gothic seamstress Raven Weathersby was forced to live with the reclusive Gideon Maddox to break the ancient Artisan curse.

Now it’s been six months since the curse was broken and Raven and Gideon are trying to move on. But something won’t let them. To be free once and for all, they will need to go back to Maddox Manor where it all began.

It is a credit to the author when a story has been fully resolved yet readers are still craving more. The conclusion to The Artisians is set for release May 3rd.


6. Lady Renegades by Rachel Hawkins

After Rebel Belle, fans were inspired to invent their own southern cake recipes.

Following Miss Mayhem, readers thought Hawkins was playing a sick joke on them forcing them to wait after that devastating cliffhanger.

Now David has fled Pines Grove and is creating new Paladins. Paladins who see Harper as the enemy.

Ever since feisty Southern belle Harper Prince was turned into a Paladin – an ancient guardian, she’s had to face off against adversaries, survive ancient trials, deal with her ever turbulent relationship with David, and come to terms with the fact that everyone around her seems to be an oracle, a mage, or a fellow Paladin.

Will Harper find David before it’s too late?

Will she be able to win him back?

All will be revealed April 3rd.


5. The Fever Code by James Dashner

They solved the mystery of the maze.

They endured the Scorch Trials.

They discovered the truth about The Death Cure.

But it’s not over until you know how it began.

How did Thomas end up working for WICKED and which side was he really on?

When did Newt, Minho, and the other Gladers enter the maze?

This prequel to The Maze Runner is about a boy who built a maze that only he could decode and destroy. Conspiracies will be discovered, secrets will be revealed, loyalties will be tested, and the full story will finally be exposed. It’s no wonder fans are counting down the days to September 27th for this exciting new release.


4. Wendy Darling Volume 2: Seas by Colleen Oakes

In Volume 1: Stars, Wendy and her brothers were whisked off to Neverland by Peter Pan, a charming and charismatic boy who turned out to be possessive and cruel. Now Wendy and her brother Michael have escaped from Peter’s sadistic leadership and have landed aboard Captain Hook’s ship, the ‘Sudden Night’.

Is Captain Hook really an ally or is Wendy but a pawn in his dark ambitions?

Will Wendy be able to rescue her brother John from under Peter’s thumb?

Most importantly, will she ever return to London and be united with the boy she truly loves?

Fans of Once Upon A Time have fallen in love with Colleen Oakes’ darker and realistic rendition of Peter Pan.  The series is one of the new fairy tale retellings where the original hero is the villain. The next instalment is set for release September 20th.


3. Yellow Brick War by Danielle Paige

Welcome to the other side of the rainbow!

When Amy Gumm first arrived in Oz, she discovered that the once sweet and innocent Dorothy – now turned power-crazy psychopath – ruled it. Amy was recruited by the ‘Revolutionary Order of The Wicked’ to kill Dorothy but discovered the Order may not be as good as she first assumed.

Now Dorothy has found a way to bridge the worlds of Oz and Kansas with the hope of destroying Kansas permanently.  It is up to Amy to restore the balance and save her home. In other words Dorothy MUST die!
The series has been an epic adventure for Oz addicts.  Eyes are twitching, tempers are rising, and hearts are bursting to find out how Amy Gumm’s story reaches its conclusion April 1st.


2. The Crown by Kiera Cass

Twenty years ago, American Singer entered the Selection, a contest where thirty-five girls competed to win the heart of Prince Maxon.

Now America and Maxon are happily married and their daughter Princess Eadlyn has reluctantly agreed to have her own selection.

In the conclusion to The Selection series, America is slowly dying while Eadlyn finds herself torn between shy, sweet Henry and her childhood nemesis, Kile.

The five-book series where The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games is finally drawing to an end. Will Eadlyn and her family get a happily ever after, or does true happiness come with restrictions and limitations?  Find out May 3rd.


1. Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare is famous for the worldwide success from the Shadowhunter franchise. Her secret? Keeping her fictitious world alive through the continuity of fresh stories and addictive characters.

Her latest Shadowhunter series, The Dark Artifices, is the most highly anticipated book of the year due to the crescendo in the last of book of the Mortal InstrumentsThe City of Heavenly Fire.

Twelve-year-old Emma Carstairs and best friend/secret crush Julian Blackthorn were introduced as Shadowhunters-in-training at the Los Angeles institute. During the Dark War, Emma lost her parents, Julian’s older brother Mark was taken by the fae, Julian was forced to kill his father, and Emma and Julian become parabatai – though it means Emma is forbidden to act on her feelings for Jules.

Lady Midnight jumps five years later where Emma is investigating a demonic plot taking over Los Angeles.

How will Emma and Julian’s story play out?  Will we see our favourite characters from past series?  March 8th can not come quick enough!

Image Attribution: Goodreads