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In the last issue, we finished at the video
game crash of 1983. A gluttonous market

was bursting at the seams with outdated,
underperforming consoles and countless
games that were cheaply made and just

unenjoyable to play. Video game consoles
were now considered a passing fad, and

were fading fast into oblivion…

…enter Japan.

The video game industry in North America was as good as dead. The
1983 crash saw a plummet in consumer confidence in video games. Poor

quality games and cheap third-party replicas of already popular games had
really put a dampener on the industry. Icons such as PacMan were seen in

innumerable versions across different platforms, with fluctuating quality of
sound and graphics. It didn’t help either that the artwork adorning many
of the old console boxes were far prettier and impressive than the graphic

capabilities of the actual console. The NES was about to change all that,
and once again restore confidence in the video gamer.

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