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Forza Horizon 2 had a new gameplay trailer reveal. The lagship
racing series for microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox one surely didn’t
disappoint its fans, with incredible graphics and tight handling. the
development team promises to bring back the games open-world style
of racing whilst also delivering a number of new features, from dynamic
weather to seamless multiplayer and an even larger open-world driving
experience –this time based in Southern Europe. Forza Horizon 2 is
scheduled for release on September 30.

Evolve revealed its newest monster and turtle Rock announced exclusive dlc
for Xbox customers. The introduction of the newest monster – Kraken – looked
terrifying and deinitely lived up to its namesake in mythology with trailing
tentacles and an imposing frame. Evolve was touted as one of the best games at
e3 this year and topped it off with the announcement of an Xbox exclusive beta
test sometime before release this year. Evolve is scheduled to launch october 21.

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