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Battleield: Hardline was oficially unveiled to the world,
although the impact was lessened simply because the game’s trailer
had already been leaked weeks prior to e3. the demo revealed
multiplayer footage of the cops and robbers style gameplay on offer
featuring intense battles, ziplines that interconnect rooftops and large
drops like from bridges onto a winding highway, massive explosions,
helicopters and epic car chases.

levolution looks set to make a return to the newest installment
in the Battleield series and the maps are as large and detailed as
ever. Skyscrapers litter the city-side and provide the perfect birds-eye
view for a sniper; there are enterable buildings and everything else
you’d expect to ind can be explored – from roads and parking lots
to alleyways and narrow hallways. although the single player reveal
showed a lot of the gameplay, the multiplayer reveal more than made
up for the early leak and no doubt has more than a few Battleield
fans eager for its october 21 release.

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