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Far Cry 4 had its biggest reveal yet courtesy larger and more varied than in Far Cry 3.
of the Sony press conference and is set in the
mountainous area of kyrat. the gameplay demo open world co-op was also showcased with the
showed off the open world gameplay and a number second player controlling a character known as hurk,
of new gadgets and possibilities, from grappling as well as the addition of new types of wildlife to the
hooks for rope swinging to new ways of dispensing series – Ubisoft showed off its rampaging elephants
at every opportunity, even during the playable demo
of enemies (in vehicle takedowns!). the wingsuit
made a triumphant return and the world is much on the show loor. Far Cry 4 releases November 20.

Since announcing The Crew at e3 2013, and tune it perfectly to the type of gameplay
Ubisoft have slowly leaked details of the games want – whether that is off-road, performance,
or anything in between. The Crew’s emphasis on
open world racing while keeping the bulk of the
games development and features under wraps. a multiplayer is evident given the sheer size of the game
few months prior to this year’s e3, gameplay footage is the entire country of america, with landmarks and
surfaced showcasing the games graphics and giving monuments included.
a taste at the types of game modes available.
the multiplayer component hasn’t been fully
On the demo loor at E3, the game was up to be revealed as yet but it’s become quite clear that this
tested by lucky show-goers with nothing but positive will be a massively multiplayer online racing game.
feedback from the audience. the car customization The Crew is set for release on November 11 on pc,
available in the game is varied, giving you the and Xbox one, with a beta slated for July 23rd
on pc.
opportunity to load your car up with aftermarket

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