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VIC THOMPSON looks at what’s coming up in the next year of gaming.

it’s the annual event that gamers of all types look forward to. whether you’re a casual gamer or hardcore
to the bone there’s always something exciting on offer and ready to be revealed by the gaming industry’s
biggest developers and publishers.

for many it is their entire christmas wishlist wrapped into an epic three day event. for game developers
it’s one of the most nerve-racking and exciting times of the year. it’s the moment when the gaming universe
gets together and shows both the world and the public what they’ve been working on and trying to keep
under wraps for the past year, and what the near and immediate future of gaming looks like.

without further ado we bring you the biggest and the best from e3 2014, held this year in the los
angeles convention center.

[Editor’s note: Click on the hyperlinks to see videos from E3. We didn’t have enough space to put them all in the mag!]


one of the biggest reveals of e3 was the brand new Star Wars: Battlefront trailer revealed by none
other than dice as part of the spectacular line-up of games coming from the EA camp. the newest game to
be showcased on the latest iteration of the frostbite engine, the revival of the popular series is a welcome
addition to both gamers and Star Wars fans alike. although the newest trailer had only a small amount
of the actual game on display, hopes are high that this will be another hit series for EA to add to its ever
expanding list.

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