Shoes that Stop the Nation

By Jacinta Mazzarolo


November’s celebrated Melbourne Cup Carnival conjures up images of flowing champagne, beautiful cocktail dresses, fascinators, and most importantly for men, dress shoes so shiny you can make out the whites of your eyes in the reflection.

A smart, stylish shoe is a vital piece of any outfit and nobody knows this better than Julius Marlow, the Official Men’s Shoe of the Melbourne Cup Carnival 2014.

Julius Marlow is now the go-to men’s dress shoe for the sophisticated, sartorial man, whether he’s looking to impress during the working week or go all out for a Sunday session.

Julius Marlow believes a great pair of shoes plays a large role in the way a man is perceived saying, “The old adage is true; shoes do make the man and no man knows this better.”

A pair of old, scuffed brogues, two sizes too big with frayed laces, will simply not do at the coveted Melbourne Cup Carnival.

At this year’s event, Julius Marlow will have prominent role at Flemington Racecourse, as punters will be offered complimentary shoeshines at the various shoe-shining stations around the grounds.

Recently retired Western Bulldogs veteran, Daniel Giansiracusa, will also be helping out the Julius Marlow team at the Carnival as he knows a thing or two about fashion, recently co-hosting Channel 7’s Brownlow Medal red carpet coverage with Rachael Finch.

Giansiracusa agrees that a man’s shoes are vital in making a good, lasting impression, saying, “They reveal if a man takes pride in the little things. The devil is in the detail and shoes are a very important part of an overall look.”

Julius Marlow will set up shop at Hill Square, the Nursery, the Birdcage, the Chairman’s Club and the Winning Post Enclosure locations, including a custom built Julius Marlow shoeshine bike situated on Pike Road for racegoers to enjoy.

These shoe-shining stations are a great way to look that extra bit special on the day, as Daniel Giansiracusa says, “Make sure your shoes are polished, and if they are not, make your first Flemington stop a Julius Marlow Shoe Shine!”



Julius Marlow is available online at and at Myer, the official fashion partner of the Melbourne Cup Carnival.