Money In The Bank Review

By Nathan Weller


Welcome to “Money in the Bank,” Tonight’s PPV dedicated to the late, great Dusty Rhodes who passed away during the week. Every WWE superstar is out on the stage to pay their respects.

Tonight is the night the WWE universe finds out if Seth Rollins can do it by himself, or will Dean Ambrose capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? It is a night in which Kevin Owens looks to expose the lie that is John Cena, or will Cena avenge his loss from the Elimination Chamber? Which superstar will ascend to their destiny as they climb the ladder and grab the money in the bank contract, earning themselves a championship match whenever they choose?

Match One: Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Randy Orton vs Neville vs Kane vs Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston vs Sheamus vs Roman Reigns

The match started off at a high octane pace, with all seven superstars trying to climb the ladder and grab the briefcase. This wasn’t the best money in the bank ladder match and there weren’t many highlights, apart from Reigns power bombing Kingston and Neville on a ladder, and Orton ripping Neville off the ladder and then catching him for a RKO. It appeared Reigns was going to pull down the briefcase, until Bray Wyatt appeared from nowhere and prevented him from doing so, hitting Reigns with Sister Abigail. It was left to Sheamus and Neville to fit it out on top of the ladder and Sheamus was able to force Neville off, allowing him to grab the money in the bank briefcase. Now the question is, when will Sheamus cash in his money in the bank contract for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match?

Going into the match Reigns was the odds favourite to grab the briefcase, however Sheamus was able to grab the contract.

Winner: Sheamus


Match Two: Divas Championship Match: Nikki Bella vs Paige

There was an aggressive start to this Divas Championship match. During the beginning of the match-up, Bella was taunting Paige with jumping jacks and push-ups. During the early stages of the contest Bella was dominating Paige and looked for the win after the spin buster, but it was only a two count. Paige started to work her way back into the match and looked to win her third championship by forcing Bella to tap out, however Bella was able to make the ropes. Bella looked to finish the match with the Rack Attack and Paige countered it with the Rampage, but it wasn’t enough. Both divas were battling on the top rope and fell to the outside. Bella swapped with her sister Brie and Paige pinned Brie Bella, after proving that Paige hadn’t pinned Nikki Bella and the match continued. Nikki Bella was able to end the matchup after the Rack Attack for the three count.

The ending of this match was strange. After the referee realised that it was Brie who swapped with her sister and injected herself into the match, that should have forced the disqualification, however the match continued. Hopefully Paige gets a rematch.

Winner: Nikki Bella via Pinfall (Still Divas Champion)


Match Three: Intercontinental Championship Match: Ryback vs Big Show

The Miz comes out and claims it should be him challenging for the Intercontinental Championship, as he joins the commentators at the announcers table. Ryback starts the match on fire, with a spin buster and a meat-hook close line. He looked to end the match early with the Shellshock, but Show counters it and takes control. Show was going for a Choke Slam, however Ryback was able to counter it and apply an arm bar and Show was able to make the ropes. Ryback was able to hit a suplex on Show but it wasn’t enough to put the big man away. When Show was able to hit a Choke Slam and followed it up with a KO punch, Ryback rolled out of the ring. As both men re-entered the ring, Miz sneak attacked both Show and Ryback, causing the disqualification.

This was a great powerful match-up between two of WWE’s big men, with a disappointing ending. It would have been good to see the match end with a clean victory, however it looks like they are setting a triple threat between The Miz, Big Show and Ryback for the Intercontinental Championship.

Winner: Big Show via Disqualification (Still Intercontinental Champion Ryback)


Match Four: Kevin Owens vs John Cena

It was the rematch everyone had been waiting to see. Owens was looking to expose the lie that is John Cena, whereas Cena is looking for revenge for his loss at the Elimination Chamber. Before the match begins, both men hold up their respected championships. The contest starts off pretty even, with both men exchanging holds and punches. Owens takes a page out of Cena’s book, utilising Cena’s shoulder tackles and the five knuckle shuffle. Owens then went to use Cena’s AA and Cena countered it into the STF, but Owens made the ropes. Owens started to take control with a German suplex and followed it up with a rolling cannonball, forcing Cena down,, but Cena got his knees up and both men were down. Cena then planted Owens with a face buster and followed it up with an AA but Owens kicked out at two, leaving a frustrated Cena arguing with the referee. Owens hit a spinning sit-out power bomb but it only kept Cena down for a two count. Both men gave it their all and threw everything they had at each other, but couldn’t put their opponent away. Cena went down again and Owens looked to fly, but missed with his moonsault, Cena hit Owens with the second AA but it still wasn’t enough to put Owens away. Cena pulled out a Canadian Destroyer, Owens followed it with a pop-up power bomb, but it still wasn’t enough to keep either man down for the three count. Cena eventually caught Owens with the springboard stunner, and then followed it with a third AA for the victory.

After the match Cena shook and Owens’ hand and then raised it…. Owens then attacked Cena, and power bombsed Cena into the apron. Owens left Cena lying as he walked away laughing.

This was an amazing match and definitely lived up to the hype!! Both men gave everything they had. The offence and move-set of Owens is absolutely amazing, and the way he makes his moves look so easy, for a man of his size is incredible. It was also great to see Cena pull out and use moves that we haven’t seen Cena use before.

Winner: John Cena via Pinfall


Match Five: Tag Team Championship Match: New Day (Xavier Woods and Big E) vs Prime Time Players

New Day dominates the opening stages of the championship contest, with great team work preventing Young from tagging in O’Neil. O’Neil was finally tagged in, and quickly turned the momentum in his teams favour. O’Neil hit the clash of the Titus.

This was an okay tag team match, it could have been a bit longer. It was good to see Prime Time Players acknowledged for their work over the years.

Winner: Prime Time Players via Pinfall (New Tag Team Champions)

Main Event: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Ladder Match: Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose

The match starts at a slow pace with both men slowly feeling their way. As the match spills to the outside, Ambrose takes early control, and the ladders start to inject the match at an early stage. Ambrose sets up a ladder in the ring and begins to climb it, not to gain the championship but to deliver a bionic elbow to Rollins. Ambrose starts to ascend the ladder to gain the championship, however Rollins smashes a steel chair into Ambrose’s knee. Rollins continues the attack on Ambrose’s knee, applying the figure-four around the ring post. Rollins reapplies the figure-four this time in the ring, Ambrose is able to reverse the hold however Rollins breaks it before any damage is done. Ambrose is in dire straits as he is hung up in the turnbuckle, Rollins climbs the ladder trying to retain his championship, but somehow Ambrose frees himself and prevents that from happening. Rollins continues the punishment on Ambrose’s knee with a steel chair, after all the abuse he has taken Ambrose is fighting back into this match. The fight spills into the crowd where Rollins loses Ambrose in the crowd, and tries to take advantage, however Ambrose reappears from the crowd and again stops Rollins. Ambrose backdrops Rollins through a ladder, throughout all the punishment both men have been through neither man can grab the championship. After delivering a power bomb to Ambrose on steel chairs which are placed on top of a ladder, Rollins starts the climb hoping he has done enough to pull down the championship. Somehow Ambrose is back up and is starting to climb the ladder, as both men have a hold of the championship. However as both men fall off the ladder, it is Rollins who ends with the championship in his hands, thus retaining the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

This was a great WWE World Heavyweight Championship ladder match, both Ambrose and Rollins put on one hell of a match. It was good to see the Ambrose can deal with pressure of the main event, without a doubt Ambrose will be in more main events in the future. It was also great to see Rollins get the win on his own, proving the doubters wrong and proving he can win by himself. Rollins is a great champion and a fantastic heel, it was good to see him booked in a clean victory.

Winner: Seth Rollins (Still WWE World Heavyweight Champion)


This was an okay PPV, with good and bad bits throughout the night. The money in the bank ladder match was solid without being amazing. It was interesting to see Wyatt’s involvement, and where that would lead. The Divas Championship match was okay, however the ending was confusing when Brie Bella got involved. The Intercontinental Championship match between Ryback and Big Show was solid, with both men showing positive signs, but it would have been good to see a clean ending. The Owens/Cena match was the match of the night by a long way, Owens has a great offence and repertoire, and it was also great to see Cena mix it up and throw in some new moves. The Tag Team Championship match was disappointing, but it was good to see Prime Time Players acknowledged for their work over the years. The WWE World Championship ladder match was another great match, both Rollins and Ambrose left it all in the ring, and it was great to see Rollins win on his own, without help.


Rating: C+

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons