Vale Jules Bianchi

Sport is something we participate in, write about and watch because we enjoy it. For many of us, the pursuit of success and passion for our chosen sport exceeds all else. However it’s important to remember there are downsides and dangers to the sports we love.

The dangers and risks posed by motorsport are extreme and today we are all reminded of just that. F1 driver Jules Bianchi, having been hospitalised after a crash in Japan, passed away as a result of his injuries, never regaining consciousness. It is a sad day for his friends, family, Formula 1 team mates and opponents as well as all F1 fans.

It is terrible to see someone leave us while simply pursuing their passion and we here at TAT Sport send our best wishes to the Bianchi family, the Manor F1 team, the rest of the F1 drivers and teams and the F1 world.

Vale and thank you Jules.

Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons: Henry Mineur