Introducing FASHION CONVERSION- Melbourne’s New Premium Shopping Event

By Chantelle White

Do you envy the style of Australia’s biggest bloggers and fashion influencers? Are there some high-end fashion pieces that you have been lusting over for years that you can’t get your hands on? Do you wish you could incorporate some amazing designer pieces into your wardrobe without the designer price tag? If you answered yes to any of the above, may I introduce you to, with great excitement, FASHION CONVERSION. This is Australia’s newest premium shopping event that collates high-end and designer pre-loved pieces from Australia’s best fashion insiders. Their first event, coming to Melbourne this August, provides a platform for people like you and I to enjoy a first-class shopping experience where we can come in and shop fashion’s biggest names, without the big price tags.

Jordana-Lee Pearce, FASHION CONVERSION’s founder, can date her love-affair with fashion back to her childhood where she would visit her Great-Aunt and play dress up from a The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe style closet. Putting on her Aunt’s court-shoes and fancy hats, Pearce would treat her family to a performance once she had glamorously styled herself. After working in the fashion industry for 10 years, she began to notice the disconnection between people’s consumption of fashion and their appreciation of the garments. Pearce wanted to bring back the delight you have during physical shopping experiences by touching and feeling the clothes whilst reconnecting consumers with the thrill from finding something you have always dreamed about.

But FASHION CONVERSION is more than this. When I met Pearce in a quirky little café in one of Melbourne’s hidden alley-ways, I could tell that there was a big point-of-difference with her idea of FASHION CONVERSION-and it wasn’t long before she let me in on it. Over a cup of coffee, Pearce opened my eyes to what could and should be the way we consume fashion; her love runs deeper than swooning over the latest trends you see on the quarterly runways. Pearce believes in a love for pieces that are timeless: lusting over a particular item because it encapsulates your entire essence, be it from 20 years ago or this season’s look-books and she longs for the day when there is a romantic relationship between the piece and its owner. If you read her blog post about her ‘Cinderella moment’, (she found a pair of bright and sparkly Lanvin pumps at 75%-off at Century 21 in New York City), on her website, you will start to understand Pearce’s relationship towards fashion. This is the relationship she wants to inspire in others by helping them to achieve their Cinderella moments too, and that is what she hopes to create through FASHION CONVERSION shopping events.

In effect, Pearce hopes to slow down this ever-increasing fast-paced industry and bring back the nostalgia of shopping for clothes. Not only this, but she encourages a generation to be sustainable in their fashion purchases and practices. In doing so, she is hoping to re-educate women on ways to shop. FASHION CONVERSION is about sustainable fashion whereby you love the pieces you purchase and once the love affair is over, you pass them on to someone who will love them again for you. By bringing back this love for fashion and clothes, and in particular pre-loved items, Pearce hopes to reduce the amount that are bought and sit untouched in wardrobes for years. Pearce’s fashion philosophy is to “choose well, spend well, fall in-love with pieces, create memories with them, and then be okay to pass them on to future wearers”.

The Event

Friday 7th August 12pm-5pm
Saturday 8th August 10am-5pm
Sunday 9th August 11am-4pm
Allpress Studios, Collingwood

The FASHION CONVERSION team have worked hard to make this event a “retail dream”. They have collected hundreds of high-quality pre-loved designer items from Australia’s biggest names in fashion, and are ready to open the doors to you so you can come and shop, feel, see and ultimately love the pieces. Have your own Cinderella moment at their first premium pre-loved shopping event this August.

What brands to expect

High-end pieces from brands like Ellery, Manning Cartell, Gorman, Zimmermann, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga and more.

The team at FASHION CONVERSION have collated pieces from fashion industry leaders and the stylish women of Melbourne, including the wonderful Melbourne fashion blogger Aimee from Aloha Everybody (, and Janelle, stylist and fashion blogger of A Stylish Affair (

What prices to expect

An average price of pieces you will find at the event will be between about $50-$250, but there will be a few exclusive pieces that will fall outside this price bracket due to their worth. Everything will be in excellent condition and the atmosphere will be far from a warehouse sale nightmare.

You can keep up to date with all things FASHION CONVERSION
Instagram: fashion_conversion

I hope to see you all there!

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