Diamonds on top of Pool F

By Aimee Dawson


The Australian Diamonds have pushed into top spot of the Pool F Ladder, after defeating South Africa convincingly, 66 – 31.

Australia are now one game clear, followed by England and South Africa on one win each, and Wales with zero wins.

The Diamonds opted to go with a different line-up to usual, with many of their starting seven including Caitlin Bassett, Natalie Medhurst, Kimberlee Green and Julie Corletto not taking part in the game.

Despite this, Australia still dominated, scoring a phenomenal 23 goals to five in the first quarter.

South Africa started to find their form in the second quarter, however were unable to stop Australia’s attacking line, who still scored 15 goals in the quarter to South Africa’s seven.

Australian captain, Laura Geitz, was injected into the game in the third-quarter, moving formidable defender, Sharni Layton, out to goal defence for the remainder of the match.

Layton regained her form, finishing with seven intercepts and five deflections for the game, whilst Erin Bell and Caitlin Thwaites shared the shooting load, scoring 33 goals each.


Trinidad and Tobago, 75 defeat Singapore 32

Fiji, 48 defeat Barbados, 37

Scotland, 59 defeat Sri Lanka, 27

Samoa, 55 defeat Zambia, 53

England, 78 defeat Wales, 33

New Zealand, 57 defeat Malawi, 49



Pool E

  1. New Zealand, 2 wins
  2. Malawi, 1 win
  3. Uganda, 0 wins
  4. Jamaica, 0 wins

Pool F

  1. Australia, 2 wins
  2. England 1 win
  3. South Africa, 1 win
  4. Wales, 0 wins

Pool G

  1. Trinidad and Tobago, 2 wins
  2. Samoa, 2 wins
  3. Zambia, 0 wins
  4. Singapore, 0 wins