Between Two Solar Systems

Be entertained amongst the stars! Between Solar Systems, written and directed by Scott MacArdle, is a delightful and well-presented 75 minutes show. On a silver clad stage with computer screens and flashing lights, we are placed inside a familiar spaceship interior (set designer Sara Chricilli). Vincent (Nick Maclaine) is a typical spaceship captain in his figure-hugging Star Trek-like clothing. Ably assisted by ‘V’ (Jo Morris), the disembodied voice of the ship’s computer, Vincent has a set routine and not a care in the world, until… With the appearance of (imagined or simulated?) ‘The Woman’ (Emily David) Vincent questions his reality and asks bigger questions such as, who is really in control, and who needs whom to give their existence purpose?

Presented by Second Chance Theatre & The Blue Room Theatre Between Two Solar Systems is playing from 8-26 September 2015 7pm at the Blue Room Theatre, Perth