Melbourne Fringe: FAG/STAG review 4 stars

Review by Kelly Sargent

Line up ladies and gents, FAG/STAG performing at the Melbourne Fringe Festival is the average guy exposed, and it’s as relatable and funny as that sounds.

There are three sides to every story, and FAG/STAG will expose you to (the fag) Jimmy, straight and love struck (stag) Corgan and the story in-between.

FAG/STAG is a compelling and truthful insight into the modern guy’s mind, and it makes for typical and hilariously viewing. It covers the intertwined stories of two best mates, who ultimately discover what it means to be human in this complicated, difficult modern life.

Being a young female I’m not often privy to the male mind, so FAG/STAG was particularly enjoyable (predictable?) and hilarious.

It ought to be no surprise young men face similar issues to young women, only they talk about it less. The show is a great reminder to the universal truth; everyone has some hidden struggle that is not always obvious to themselves.

It is incredible storytelling delivered in a compellingly simple way; actors Jeffrey Jay Flower and Chris Isaacs have faultless delivery and enduring stage presence.

The minimal props (two chairs) is a testament to the stellar performance of both actors as I walked the streets of Perth with them, visited the clubs and played Donkey Kong on Nintendo.

Without reading the prelude, I first thought the two boys were different thoughts of the same character; however, it was soon apparent the mates were taking different views on events.

It is an authentic performance, and their angst is real and relatable; I felt the anguish of the Tinder experience (swipe right), the fights with friends, the forgiveness, the life events, and ultimately, the trust.

Both likable characters; Crogan and Jimmy are fallible and lovable, yet not remarkable which is the brilliance of Fag Stag. Two ordinary mates are navigating a complicated world and more difficult feelings.

The best live theatre immerses you into their world, so you leave your problems and self behind; indulging in the comic issues of Corgan and Jimmy in FAG/STAG at the Melbourne Fringe Festival was the perfect escape; go lose yourself for an hour in this compelling and authentic show FAG/STAG.

FAG/STAG is playing as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival at the North Melbourne Town Hall from 18th September – 3rd October 2015.