WTR by Imogen Anthony

If the name Imogen Anthony rings a bell, there are a few reasons it should. Apart from being the illusive girlfriend to equally controversial radio host Kyle Sandilands, she has built a name in her own right. Being labeled as one of Australia’s newest it girls, Imogen holds an impressive resume filled with forward slashes, being a model/stylist/creative director/blogger, and now fashion designer as she launches her sultry, provocative label of barely there clothes, under the name ‘White Trash Royalty (WTR)’. The collection even earned endorsement from the iconic French designer Jean Paul Gaultier, who commended her on her brave, irreverent and confident style at the 2014 Elle Style Awards.

Now, her collection; ‘WTR by Imogen Anthony’, filled with daring pieces made out of unconventional materials such as velvet and spandex, with appropriate names including ‘The Gaultier’, which came about after her newfound connection to the designer. Imogen describes her line saying, “I like a good twisted vision turned into reality; when I say twisted, I mean twisted. But everything needs form.”

See Imogen’s idea of twisted fashion for yourself at www.wtrbyimogenanthony.com.