Snuggle up with ‘Koala Stories’ this Christmas


The ‘Koala Woman’, or Deborah Tabart OAM if you’re using her real name, has shared her warm-hearted tales in her first book Koala Stories, released this week.

Koala Stories is a beautiful collection of first-hand anecdotes, observations and facts about Koalas, accompanied by stunning photographs by internationally acclaimed wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas.

“Australians, and people around the world have a real soft spot for Koalas,” Tabart said.

“I feel very lucky to have known and loved so many different Koalas through my lifetime, so it’s a real pleasure to share my fondness of them with the world.”

Tabart, also Chief Executive of the Australian Koala Foundation, has been fighting for Koalas for close to 30 years.

“I really want readers to understand just how much love there is in the Eucalypts.

“There are so many personalities at work out in the Australian bush, and Koalas, like all wild animals, have families that they love,” she said.

“I really believe Koala Stories has universal appeal, and everyone who picks it up will get to know and love Koalas like I do.”

With its beautiful glossy pages and vibrant colours, the 72-page book has a gorgeous feel, and at 18 x 20cms (7 x 8 inches) it’s easy to carry or post to loved-ones as a Christmas gift.

Koala populations are declining around Australia, and funds raised from book sales will aid the work of the Australian Koala Foundation to gain a Koala Protection Act.

“They’re the little Aussies that you might not think about often, but they really are the crown jewel of the bush,” Tabart said.

Koala Stories is $29.95, and available from the Australian Koala Foundation at