FRINGEWORLD: The Haircut; or The Barbershop Duet (3 stars)

Review by Laura Money.

Are you ready for a night of fun where everything is made up and you can’t predict the ending? The Haircut; or The Barbershop Duet is the hilarious collaboration between Chris Turner and Alice Winn – a crack team of improvisers who work in synchronicity with each other. Turner and Winn are obviously friends. They have a great chemistry, and eagerness as they greet the audience before the show.

After getting suggestions from the audience, Winn and Turner weave all of the ideas seamlessly into a conversation had at the hairdressers. The two bounce off of each other very well, and there is a clear ripple of laughter and excitement when one of the suggestions is mentioned. The pair then switch from haircut to hatshop, in what appears to be a pretty tenuous link.

What follows are a variety of sketches, crazy characters, and surreal scenarios. While it seems that not all of the scenes are improvised – some of the scenes are pretty incongruous to the audience suggestions – Turner and Winn are masters of curious characters. They instantly develop some pretty unique situations and people, while communicating entire backstories to the audience.

One thing is for sure, Turner and Winn are a great team. They bounce off of each other brilliantly, and seamlessly transition from barbershop to classic comedy duo.

When: 22nd – 27th January

Where: The Stables, Perth Cultural Centre

Tickets: From $15

Info: Duration 60mins, suitable 15+